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Precautions for buying outdoor equipment

Precautions for buying outdoor equipment

Oct 10,2019
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1, to outdoor activities demand - oriented principle.
Buy when needed, don't buy early, avoid taking up space and money, and risk waste, and consider equipment only if you identify the type of activity you often attend.

2,Priority of importance.
For frequent activities, make a list of equipment, and give priority to the necessary equipment or equipment that affects personal safety. It is not necessary to purchase equipment in a hurry.

3,The principle of multi-function.
A device that has more than one function that can satisfy multiple types of activities or multiple requirements of the same activity has purchase priority.

4,cost performance comparison principle.
The same or similar devices, through the physical store performance test, experience, and then according to the physical store and online shop price comparison.

5, Safety principle.
For equipment that affects personal safety, the principle of reliability is always the first, never cheap, conditions allow, to have a backup.

6, the principle of lightweight.
Adhere to the lightweight route, this route should continue to adhere to, to avoid the impact of heavy equipment to outdoor sports.