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How to enjoy sunspa in a healthy way?

How to enjoy sunspa in a healthy way?

Jun 18,2020
Sunspa as a new type of regimen has been increasingly like by the people. Properly sunbathing has many benefits for the body. It can not only sterilize , but also prevent osteoporosis. there is something you should know,make you enjoy you sunspa time in healthy way.
1. The best time to sunbathe

Sunspa can be carried out in all seasons, and should be selected according to different seasons. Generally, the weather is depend on the climate. The spring and autumn time is best at 9-12 am and 3-5 pm.Summer should be at 10 am or after 5 pm.It was cold in winter, and it should be performed in the yard from 11 to 14 o'clock in the warm and windless period.
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2. Duration of sunbathing

The sunbathing time varies from person to person. It starts from 5 minutes and then gradually increases, but generally does not exceed 1 hour; 20-30 minutes is the best; if the sun is exposed for a long time, strong ultraviolet rays can penetrate the epidermis, It will affect the genetic structure of the cell, causing abnormal cells to surge, leading to skin cancer.
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3. The optimal temperature for sunbathing

Sunbathing should be different according to regional and seasonal differences. Generally speaking, the temperature of the climatic environment is most suitable when it is 18℃~20℃, which is the ideal temperature for sunbathing. When sunbathing, you can expose your body to the sun and make your skin directly exposed to the sun.  and constantly change positions.
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4. The best place for sunbathing

It is best to take place in open areas , and the time should not be too long; generally it is best near rivers, lakes, seasides, wilderness, and forests. It can also be done on grasslands, courtyards, or balconies, but not on asphalt roads or streets; asphalt roads There are also toxic substances on it, which can contaminate the skin and the dust on the roadside is more, which is not helping skin to breathing.