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What can we do at home during the epidemic?

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    What can we do at home during the epidemic?

    Issue Time:2020-05-13
    What can we do at home during the pandemic? Affected by the virus, we can only do activities at home. At this time, what can we do at home?
    let's talk about it!

    First, find some little and interesting games to interact with family.
    As we all know, playing games is the best way to enhance feelings. In the interaction with family members, we experience the joy that games bring to us. In laughter, we inadvertently narrow the distance between family members and feel close to them.
    Second, learn some skill with your family.

    Affected by the epidemic, our range of activities is only at home. At this time, you may wish to learn some skills with your family. Now that the Internet is so convenience, you can find a lot resouces there. Also learning skills with family members not only improves the ability of oneself and family members, but also inadvertently promotes feelings with family members.
    The above are some suggestions for everyone. If you have different views, you can share with us.